Wurlitzer Pianos

Here you can find  various Wurlitzer Pianos available in our show room .

We deliver your Wurlitzer Pianos rebuilt in every part and guaranteed 12 months.

You will receive all the photos of the rebuild of your new Wurlitzer Piano.


Wurlitzer 200A Red

Wurlitzer 200A , top lid painted red.

Amazing sound Fully serviced.

Complete of legs and sustain pedal.

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Wurlitzer 200 A

Amazing Wurlitzer 200A model, painted white.

The piano has the tube amplifier by EP SERVICE.

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Wurlitzer 206

Amazing wurlitzer 206.

Incredibile sound.

Fully serviced:

  • Alignment for keyboard
  • new capacitors inside amplifier
  • action
  • intonation
  • tuning and more to deliver the piano in perfect working condition.

Original music stand includes.


Wurlitzer Sideman 5000 (1)

Drum machine from the house of Wurlitzer. Excellent in every respect. For true collectors. Come and discover other Wurlitzer Pianos in our Show Room.

The Rudolph Wurlitzer Company (Wurlitzer) released the first commercially produced drum machine called the Sideman in 1959. It was an “electro-mechanical” drum machine that offered a choice of 12 electronically generated predefined rhythm patterns with variable tempos. “The sound source was a series of vacuum tubes which created 10 preset electronic drum sounds.

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Wurlitzer Pianos