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Here you can find  various Wurlitzer Pianos available in our show room .

We deliver your Wurlitzer Pianos rebuilt in every part and guaranteed 12 months.

You will receive all the photos of the rebuild of your new Wurlitzer Piano.

Wurlitzer Sideman 5000 (1)

Drum machine from the house of Wurlitzer. Excellent in every respect. For true collectors. Come and discover other Wurlitzer Pianos in our Show Room.

The Rudolph Wurlitzer Company (Wurlitzer) released the first commercially produced drum machine called the Sideman in 1959. It was an “electro-mechanical” drum machine that offered a choice of 12 electronically generated predefined rhythm patterns with variable tempos. “The sound source was a series of vacuum tubes which created 10 preset electronic drum sounds.

Wurlitzer 120

The Wurlitzer 120 is a portable vintage electric piano from the 50s. Ray Charles is known to have used a Wurlitzer 120 in his recordings, such as “What I Say” and “Unchain My Heart”. In excellent condition and under review.

Wurlitzer 140

More than vintage, completely tubular! We have more samples of various colors available. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more. You will receive all the information you want without any kind of commitment. Come and discover more Wurlitzer Pianos in our Show Room.

The 140b is at the midpoint of Wurlitzer’s electronic piano production: a stepping stone from the vintage tone of the 100-series to the more reliable modern electronics of the 200-series. The mechanical parts are easier to work with. It has updated, 200-style reeds.

Wurlitzer 140b

Many musicians claim that the iconic sound of the Wurlitzer® 140B is absolutely the most vibrant, soul-enhancing electric piano sound that has ever dominated radio waves. The “Wurli” was made between 1954 and the early 1980s and used metal reeds, small blades that were hit by hammers in a real piano action. In an attempt to improve them, Wurlitzer crossed four different styles of reeds. The 140B, produced in 1962, was the first solid-state model. Under revision.

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