Vintage Synthesizers

On this page you can find Vintage Synthesizers of various models available in our Show Room.

We deliver your Vintage Synthesizer serviced in every part and guaranteed 12 months.

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Arp Odissey MK I (White Version)

 Arp Odyssey Mark I (Model 2800) manufactured between 1972 and 1974 This version with the white livery used a 2-pole VCF filter (mod. 4023) and had a design similar to the old Oberheim SEM modules. Later models were built in black-gold livery, and many of them had installed the interface with CV/Gate/Trigger jack outputs.

Elektor Formant

Modular Synthesizer with Elektor Formant keyboard. A rarity in the panorama of “DIY” of the 70s A real gem.

Alesis Andromeda A6


16-voice, 16-channel multi-tone analog synthesizer. Gorgeous. Come discover more Vintage Synthesizers in our Show Room.

EMS Synthi A


Another legendary Synth at your disposal in our collection of vintage synthesizers for sale.

Moog Micromoog

Micromoog is a model of monophonic synthesizer built by MOOG,  it is equipped with a single VCO and was produced from 1975 to 1979. It offers a range of sounds very close to that of the Minimoog while being much cheaper, it is equipped with various controls including a Ribbon Controller for pitch control. The outer casing is made of plastic with wooden sides and has 32 keys.

EMS Synthi E


This very rare Synthi E is a model developed for educational purposes. A gem for true collectors.

Come and discover other Synthesizers Vintage in our Show Room.

Vermona Perfourmer

Synth  analog desktop with deep and captivating sound. Equipped with wooden side panels for an elegant desktop version.

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600


Prophet 600, introduced on the market by Sequential Circuits in 1983, in addition to being the direct successor of the most famous (and rated) Prophet 5, is also the first synth in history to have been mass-produced with the MIDI interface since the first version. Electronically speaking, compared with a Prophet 5 from revision 3 onwards the Prophet 600 has more similarities than differences with the latter. 

Dave Smith Evolver Expander

It needs no introduction. A powerful synergy of Analog and Digital. Come discover more Synth Vintage in our Show Room.

Novation Supernova 2

Synthesizer Novation Supernova 2 in excellent aesthetic condition and available in our laboratory.

Moog Sonic Six


Very rare and in excellent aesthetic conditions. The Moog Sonic Six is a duophonic analog synthesizer that was produced by Moog Music from 1972 to 1979. Because of its portable design and built-in speaker, the Sonic Six has been widely used for conferences and educational purposes, often by Moog Bob himself.

Crumar DS2

An all-Italian analogue digital hybrid synthesizer. Really rare! Available in our laboratory.

Korg VC 10

Korg VC10 available in our laboratory. Come and discover more Synth Vintage in our Show Room.

Access Virus C

The Acces Virus C desktop is without doubt one of the best hardware virtual analog synthesizers in history, unmissable in professional music production and recording studios.

Sequential Circuits Prophet One


Sequential Pro One is a monophonic synth. It comes from the same period and genre as the Roland SH-101 and Moog Prodigy. The Pro One was basically Sequential’s attempt to bring their legendary Prophet 5 poly-synth and insert it into a compact and inexpensive analog monophonic synth!

Korg Poly 800 Mark 2

Korg Poly 800 Mk2, compared to the previous one has in addition the digital delay and MIDI SysEX functionality. Available in our laboratory. Complete with hard case.

Come and discover other Synthesizers Vintage in our Show Room.

Yamaha DX7


Yamaha DX7 that shows some signs of the time. 6 DCO oscillators for each of the 16 polyphonic voices (called operators) 1 general sinusoidal LFO 6 DCA envelope generators for voice speed sensitivity and aftertouch controlled by an additional 6305 microcontroller You can program speed sensitivity in a linear (like acoustic instruments) or logarithmic way for more sensitivity .Small display of 2 lines of 16 alphanumeric characters, 2 tone and effect wheels (pitch and modulation wheel). 

This Yamaha DX7 has 32 memory sounds for preprogrammed sounds, in addition there are  those on cartridge containing an EPROM 27(c)256 programmed by the instrument itself, MIDI port without the OMNI function still not adopted at the time and with speed response with the maximum level at 99 despite the MIDI limit is 127, I 2 integrated synthesis. In the series of December 1985 there  are: YM2128 and YM2129, the main microcontroller is the 6303 and on the mains power supply plate there are no protections against voltage variations which is at 220V. Available in our laboratory.

Synthesizer Clone Moog Modular


This modular Synth is a clone of Moog modular’s Syntesizer. Complete with keyboard. Really nice to see and hear. Come discover more Synth Vintage in our Show Room.

Formanta Polivoks

Formanta Polivoks. Very rare Russian-made synthesizer complete with original lid. The Polivoks (in Russian Поливокс), also known as Polyvox, is a Soviet-made analog duophonic synthesizer, made in Kačkanar by Formanta, at the time a state-owned company producing radio and television equipment.

Korg PS 3100


A legendary instrument in perfect  condition. Very rare and with a unique and inimitable sound. Come and see it in our laboratory.

PPG Wave 2.3


Unobtainable, in excellent condition. If you are looking at it you know what we are talking about. Come and see it in our laboratory.

EMS Synthi MK2 + EMS DK2 Keyboard


The legendary and highly sought after SYNTHI MK2 complete with original Ems DK2 keyboard. Spectacular

Moog Polymoog


Moog Polymoog complete with pedals. Available in our laboratory.

Metasonix PT2 Tubestation Rack

Very rare analog synth rack produced by Metasonix in only 13 pieces, this is numbered 10/13

Yamaha CS30L

Beautiful Yamaha CS30 L available in our laboratory.

Quasimidi Polymorph

Very interesting Rack Synthesizer used by J.M. Jarre, Prodigy and Orbital

Korg T3 EX

Synthesizer workstation Korg T3 EX, available in our laboratory.

Moog Prodigy


Quickly disappeared from the market, to reappear in a period of vintage fury absolutely not suspicious, the little Moog Prodigy is now an interesting investment for those who, unable to afford the most famous models, still want to have a real analog monophonic under their fingers, with the knowledge of playing a real “piece of history”.

Quasimidi Rave - o - lution 309

Very interesting groove box synth by Qausimidi. Available in our laboratory.

Moog Multimoog


The Multimoog was a monophonic analog Moog synthesizer produced from 1978 to 1981. It was a device with two VCO oscillators and waveform control. Derived from the previous Micromoog, it took the main board to which was added a second board. The goal was to provide a less expensive alternative to the Minimoog. Despite the lower price the Multimoog had more advanced features in some aspects than the Minimoog. 

These included the “Aftertouch” function that allowed you to activate a particular effect, e.g. vibrato, by holding down the key and greatly improving the expression possibilities of the instrument. The keyboard was monophonic, equipped with 44 keys with “Aftertouch”.

Korg Dual Foot controller PS 3040


Double pedal KORG PS 3040, really rare and in perfect condition.

Sequential Circuits Prophet One


Sequential Pro One is a monophonic synth. It comes from the same period and genre as the Roland SH-101 and Moog Prodigy. The Pro One was basically Sequential’s attempt to bring their legendary Prophet 5 poly-synth and insert it into a compact and inexpensive analog monophonic synth!



Oxford Synthesiser Company OSCar. A really interesting object, in perfect condition. One of only 2000 pieces built. Beautiful and very sought after.

Modulare Macbeth X series Dual Oscillator

Group of modules including the double oscillator Macbeth X series. For the other modules available do not hesitate to ask. Come and discover more Vintage Synthesizers in our Show Room.

Oberheim Xpander


Six polyphony voices, each with two independent oscillators, with level adjustments, hard sync, linear and exponential fm; filter with fifteen different selectable modes, double amplifier in serial connection (for articulation and dynamics management); five DADSR envelopes, five LFOs, one Lag Generator, four Ramp Generator, three Tracking Generator. Patch settings can be stored in 100 timbre locations and each of the six voices can refer to an independent patch, to manage 100 freely programmable Multipatch. And much more. 

Oberheim Matrix 1000


Matrix 1000 provides the beauty of a thousand presets – easily recalled through the numeric keypad implemented in the panel.

Hartmann Neuron

A beautiful “new vintage” synthesizer modern but with old school performance and sounds. Available in our laboratory. 

Oberheim Matrix 6 [OSI2]

This beautiful Matrix 6 is sold with these custom wooden side panels with its two originals.

Come and discover other Synthesizers Vintage in our Show Room.

Roland JX10

Roland JX-10, or Super JX, is a 12-voice analog polyphonic synthesizer with a 76-key keyboard equipped with dynamics and aftertouch. It is a vintage machine, produced by Roland from 1984 to 1989 and, in fact, can be considered the big sister of the equally glorious JX-8P.

Access Virus A

Excellent Synth Desktop Powerful and compact. To try

Roland SH3

The SH-3 is a monophonic analog synthesizer produced by Roland from 1975 to 1981. It is unique in that it is capable of both subtractive and additive synthesis. Two LFOs and an exclusive sampling and storage section provided capabilities not found in competing stand-alone synthesizers of the time.

Roland SH5


One of the best compact monophonic built by Roland. It has everything you could want from an Analog Monophonic Synth.

Yamaha SY 1

Yamaha’s first portable monophonic synthesizer. It  is mature on the outside but well functioning. A small piece of history, available in our laboratory.

Korg M3R + REMOTE RE100

Workstation Korg Expander rack complete with editor remote RE100.

Korg ms 20 [OSI1]

Synthesizer Vintage Korg MS 20 in excellent aesthetic condition overhauled and guaranteed one year. Come and discover more Vintage Synthesizers in our Show Room.

Quasimidi Sirius

Small Synth lightweight and compact at a very attractive price.

Korg VC-10 Vocoder


In excellent aesthetic and functional condition.

Dave Smith Evolver

It needs no introduction. A powerful synergy of Analog and Digital!

Roland Super JX

In excellent cosmetic condition and fully functional, this Super JX has been freshly overhauled and is ready to be played! Available in our laboratory with 12 months warranty. Complete with user manual.

Korg MS 50


Korg MS-50: modular design and the height of the MS series synthesizers. This expander module without keyboard is highly versatile and, of course, compatible with other synthesizers such as MS-20. The MS-50 is still a great analog and monophonic single VCO monster but offers more versatility and power than any other MS synth. Other features include a ring modulator, voltmeter and sample & hold. It is also designed to integrate the SQ-10 sequencer. It has also been used by the Chemical Brothers.

Arp Odissey Mark III

Produced from 1976 to 1981 Ia Mark III contained the new ARP 4075 filter. In the rest of its parts it was virtually identical to the Mark II, except for the overall appearance and sound quality, which had undergone further improvement. The livery was modified to make it homogeneous with the classic ARP products, such as the well-known black-orange. The synthetic back was replaced with a steel case, like the rest of the panel, while the keyboard protruded visibly from the case: this choice, common to other ARP instruments of the same period, exposed the keys to easy bumps and breaks during transport.

 The Mark III also used a single tone bending control device, called PPC (Proportional Pitch Control), where three pressure-sensitive buttons were used to control bending and vibrato effects; the other Odyssey models used a simple knob for this purpose. At the same time a transformation kit was available to install the PPC also on models with rotary control. The Odyssey Mark III is considered the most popular of the Odyssey models. The ARP Mark III had a high-level XLR type output, replacing the 1/4 jack socket as in previous models. The outputs of all models were of the unbalanced type.

Kurtzweill K2500R

Kurtzweill K2500R Rack Synthesizer. To see and try together with many other available racks

Yamaha TX802 Rack

TX802 FM Tone Generator is basically a rack module version of the DX7mkII with full 8-part multi-part operation for sequencing and/or key mapping. It has 16 polyphony entries and six digital FM operators, the same as the DX7mkII. There are 128 presets and 64 user patches for your sounds, plus an external memory cartridge slot.

Korg Trinity ProX 88 + CD SCSI + HD SCSI

Beautiful Korg Trinity complete with external reader, Hard Disk, operating system diskettes, instructions and original packaging. Perfect.

Doepfer System A100


Modular Doepfer System A100 to Rack. A Spectacular modular Doepfer 

Waldorf MicroWave 2 rack

Waldorf Microwave 2 Rack

Korg Sigma


Korg Sigma analog synthesizer from 1979 totally overhauled and guaranteed one year in superb aesthetic condition.

Jomox T-resonator

The Jomox T-resonator is an analog stereo filter whose two filters are connected in a neural network with each other. Mainly this filter box has two 24dB low-pass filters with cut, resonance and envelope mount, for the well implemented bases.

Yamaha EMP100

Yamaha EMP 100 multi-effect processor. Available in our laboratory.

Come and discover other Synthesizers Vintage in our Show Room.

Korg X2

The X2 was introduced in 1993 and was considered a further expansion from the T and O synthesizer series. The X2 is a 76-button workstation with 8 MB rom samples with space for expansion via rom and ram cards. It is equipped with 200 programs, 200 combinations and a 10-track, 16-track multi-track MIDI sequencer. There are also 2 multi-effect processors to add effects. It also has an X / Y joystick and a backlit LCD screen. The instrument can be found in our laboratory to try. On consignment for one of our customers.

Yamaha Motif Rack ES

Yamaha Motif Rack ES available in our laboratory

Doepfer Dark Energy

Monophonic, small and powerful with USB and Midi input.

Come and discover other Vintage Synthesizers in our Show Room.

Korg SDD 2000 Rack

Korg SDD 2000 Digital Delay Rack

E-MU Proteus 2500

E-MU Proteus 2500 rack-mount synthesizer, small and powerful.

Waldorf Rocket

Practically the same as new. available in our store.

Come and discover other Synthesizers Vintage in our Show Room.

Korg G4 Rotary Speaker Leslie Simulator

Leslie rotary sound simulator. To see and try in our laboratory.

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