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Cabinet for Hammond Organ

We have various empty Hammond organ cabinet available for various projects. Models A-100, A-101, various C-3, M-3 and more. Special prices.

Leslie 760N

€ 1199,00

This Leslie have a powerful and defined sound.

It has the original speakers Jensen V-21 and C15L.

Great Leslie speaker.


Hammond L100P

€ 1499,00

Scratch and dent Hammond L100 portable but it play great.

Don’t give up on the true vintage Hammond sound.


Hammond M2

€ 999,00

Hammond M2 model.

The father of M3 model.

It has no percussion.

This organ has real Hammond sound.

Great waterfall keyboard.


Hammond M102 (3)

€ 1499,00

The famous Procol Harum Band used it in “A Wither Shade of Pale”

It will be delivered include complete rebuilt.

The Hammond organ is essentially a primitive additive synthesiser and the drawbars are effectively level faders that allow you to set the relative levels of a sound’s harmonics or ‘overtones’ (except that the fader action is reversed with ‘louder’ being at the bottom of the drawbars’ travel).


Hammond T-200

€ 999,00

The Hammond T-200 Organ differs from other Hammond “spinets” because it has a solid state aplification (transistor). Although we are all in love with the tube sound of the Hammond Organ, this instrument plays very well thanks to the classic tone generator. This model includes a Leslie with a rotor inside, which is also why the T-200 amuses and fascinates us.


Leslie TREP 120M

€ 199,00

Leslie TREP mod. 120M


Hammond L122 model and Leslie 145 Vinyl

€ 2690.00 include 12 months of warranty

The instruments have scratch and dent but we had
rebuilted all parts.
Hammond L122:
New keycomb for keyboards, new electrolytic
capacitors in tube amplifier, new run capacitor for
twg motor, tablet and drawbars revisited and more to
delivery the instrument in perfect working condition.
Two half moons and leslie kit 26-1 for leslie 145 model
are include.

Leslie 145 vinyl model:
new electrolytic capacitors in tube amplifier, The
diaphragm from Jensen V-21 is centred and cleaned,
new O-ring, motors double speed serviced, new
grommets set and more to delivery the instrument in
perfect working condition.
The sound is amazing.


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