Rhodes Pianos

Here are you can find various models available in our show room of Rhodes Pianos.

We deliver your Rhodes Piano serviced in every part and guaranteed 12 months.

You will receive all the photos of the rebuilt of your new Vintage Rhodes Piano.

Fender Rhodes Piano Bass

Beautiful and very rare Fender Rhodes Piano Bass, you do not need many words to describe it. In perfect aesthetic conditions, a legendary instrument available in our laboratory.

Rhodes Mark 1 - 73 keys [1]

Wonderful Rhodes Mark 1 piano from 1979. In excellent aesthetic condition. Come and see it in our laboratory.

Rhodes Mark 1, 88 keys

In excellent aesthetic and mechanical condition, this mark 1 88 is the dream of every musician. Come and touch the legend.

Come and discover other Rhodes Piano in our Show Room.

Rhodes Mark 2 - 73 - 1980

Rodhes Mark 2, completely restored. Really spectacular! In the gallery there are photos of the revision phases.

Rhodes Mark 2 - 73 [1]

Rhodes Mark 2 73 keys in excellent cosmetic condition.

Come and discover other Rhodes Piano in our Show Room.

Rhodes Mark 2 - 73 [2]

Another beautiful Rhodes 73 keys floor here in our showroom. Come and visit us

Rhodes Mark 2 Seventy-three

A classic. wooden keyboard with a ready and precise action. Complete with legs and pedal with rod and its case cover for transport. We deliver it set in every part ready for your studio recordings.

Rhodes Mk 1 - 73 keys

How many times have you dreamed of getting your hands on the instrument played by the best musicians in the world? Here you will have the opportunity to experience this wonderful feeling by getting your hands on our legendary Rhodes piano  completely revised and set to your personal taste. we are waiting for you.

Rhodes Mk 3

Very rare and very particular instrument; this piano is on account of one of our customer. Contact us to know all the details of the instrument.

Various Rhodes piano available

Various rhodes piano available. We import these fantastic instruments from the United States. Contact us to make your request and we will be happy to help you.

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