On this page you can find info about our Repair Lab for Hammond, Leslie, Rhodes Plans, Wurlitzer Plans, Synthesizers and Vintage Instruments.

Hammond Organ

We carry out any type of repair, modification, customization of the instrument to your specifications, Hammond chopped in different solutions tailored to meet your every need.


We make changes to make your Leslie portable without ever subtracting sound quality, but making it easy to transport.

Our Leslie are delivered completely overhauled in every electrical and mechanical part, using high quality components that can make the intervention made lasting.

Our Leslie can be delivered at your specific request completely restored even in the aesthetics and restoration of the furniture.

Even the eye wants its part.

Rhodes Piano

Customized revisions for your mythical Rhodes plan.

Possibility of total interventions:
Hammer tips, Damper Felts, Tines, Tonebar, original pick ups, harp repositioning, tuning, keyboard realignment, tolex cleaning, tolex replacement and many other interventions on request.

Wurlitzer Piano

Refiltration of the amplifier with new capacitors, reeds replacement, tuning, crankcase cleaning, Wurlitzer logo insertion, repairs and much more.

Synthesizers Vintage

We carry out revisions and repairs on synthesizers, accessories and more that concerns the vintage world

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