On this page you can find various rental tools.

If you have special requests contact us, we have other instruments available.

Hohner Clavinet D-6

Clavinet D-6 with possibility to rent it equipped with multi effect pedals.

Hammond B3 e Leslie 147

We rent, for several live sessions and in the recording studio,Hammond Organ B3 e Leslie 147

equipped with bench and pedal, reverb, specific trolleys for transport and on request various accessories.

Possibility to have it with 2 Leslie combined.

Leslie 147 portable

Available, for your studio recordings or live concerts, Leslie 147 chopped (portable version) split into 2 pieces for greater comfort in your transport.
Can be used with real Hammond or Hammond clone.

Rhodes Mark 2 Seventy Three

Rhodes Mark 2 piano, 73 wooden keys, equipped with legs, pedal and on request original pre-amplifier with vibrato and tone controls.


Excellent Wurlitzer piano model 200A, equipped with legs and pedal (indicative image)

Synthesizers MOOG Sub 37 Limit Edition

Available for rental several Vintage Synthesizers for Live and Studio sessions.

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