Portable Universal Leslie

Made by Organ Studio Italia

On this section you can find Portable Universal Leslie Made by Organ Studio Italia.

We transform in portable any model of Leslie, tube or transistor.

They are delivered completly serviced in every parts and guaranteed 12 months.

We make tube pre-amplifiers to use with Leslie, with Hammond Clones, Synthesizers, Guitar and more.

Beautiful, handy and perfect sound

Made by Organ Studio Italia, allows the musician to have greater freedom  without losing sound quality despite the fact that the Leslie cabinet is split into 2 parts.

Portable Universal Leslie mod.145

Leslie model universal 145, is the portable leslie by Organ Studio Italia, easy to carry, splittable in 2 parts, light weight and real leslie sound.

  • New motor’s O-ring
  • New grommets set
  • New electrolytic capacitors inside tube amplifier
  • All parts are clean
  • Rebuild for double speed motor
  • Centering of the jensen V-21 diaphram

Amazing conditions

Portable Universal Leslie mod.142

Model 142 by Organ Studio Italia.

In this version the white lacquered finish makes it very special and elegant.

On request it is possible to have it with side handles for transport.

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