Portable Universal Hammond Organ

Made by Organ Studio Italia

On this page you can find the Portable Universal Hammond Organ Made by Organ Studio Italia.

They are delivered totally Vintage in every electrical and mechanical part and guaranteed 12 months.

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Hammond Universal B3

 Portable Hammond Universal B-3  made by Organ Studio Italia.  If  you don’t want to give up the real sound of the past that only a Hammond Vintage Organ can give you, Hammond Universal B-3 is for you. It is the result of a combination of sound and  easy  transport that gives the musician the opportunity to have that feeling that only this Organ can give you . Curious right? Check out the  previews of our newborn by Organ Studio Italia or come and visit us to try  live the other  Portable Hammond Universal.

Come and see our Portable Universal Hammond Organ in our showroom

Hammond Universal B-3 with Leslie 145

Hammond B3 portable by Organ Studio Italia with leslie 145.

We had rebuild all parts:

  • New capacitors for tone generator
  • tone generator recalibrated
  • new up and down stop felts
  • new capacitors inside preamplifier
  • rebuild for scanner vibrato
  • reverb
  • leslie kit with brake position for leslie motors and more to deliver the organ in perfect working conditions.

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Hammond Universal M-3

Here it is! This is the Hammond Universal M-3 by Organ Studio Italia. A”small” and VERY portable version of the legendary M-3. Made from an original Hammond M-3, it comes in different finishes: BLACK, LIGHT WALNUT, DARK WALNUT AND CHERRY. In addition you can have the FOLD-BACK system for harmonic repeat on the upper manual. Refiltered and recalibrated generator, preamplifier with new capacitors in the power supply, new felts on keyboards, drawbars, tablets and much more. The expression pedal is original in the Well Swell Pedal version (see the data sheet on our website or on this site in the Universal B-3 with the same  expression system ). On request: Reverb, padded case with logo, fold back, transpose and kit for your Leslie.  Come and try these fantastic  Portable Hammond Universal , we are waiting for you.

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