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On this section you can find Others instruments and accessories related to the Vintage world and beyond.

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Rare Binson Reverb in good aesthetic condition.

It will be including revised and warranty.


The EC3 had two echo modes: “repeat” and “swell”.

The repeat mode is the standard mode, while the swell mode automatically activates all four playback heads, producing a reverbish sound.

At the back, there are many input and output jacks, and with the help of three buttons on the front panel, you can select which input gets a delay, while the others stay dry.


Farfisa original pedals, mint condition, like new.

Three different models:

– Sfera Sound

– Repeat/Volume

– Wha-Wha / Volume

Hammond Electronic Drum Machine


Original Hammond Electronic Drum Machine. Come and discover other Accessories and Instruments in our Show Room.

Thorens TD125

Born in 1968, the Thorens TD-125 directly followed what most enthusiasts would rightly nominate as the Swiss/German firm’s single greatest achievement: the TD 124, rather than the similar TD 150 of 1965.

Warranty 12 months

Revox B77

The complete revision of the F36 to give the Revox G36 led to the culmination and final stage in the development of tape recorders with valve electronics. The replacement of the “green series” with a more modern “grey/blue” was more than just a facelift. The device was enlarged so that it could also be used with tape reels measuring up to 26.5 cm (10.5″). For tape reel operation, a synchronous motor was used for the very first time, which guaranteed an absolute speed within very tight tolerances. With a solid integral casting, the new capstan motor, together with the pinch arm and recording head, formed a unit with particularly long-term stability. In the tape drive, a contactless photoelectric tape end switch was ultimately implemented over the course of the G36 series. To achieve even tape reeling during quick rewinds, the unwinding spool was braked slightly with a counter-tension on the winding motor. The amplifier electronics remained almost unchanged as compared to the Model F36, but with one important exception: modern illuminated indicator instruments were used as peak programme meters, called VU meters (volume units), which also allowed one valve to be eliminated. When the last Revox G36 left the production line in Regensdorf, Switzerland in 1967, one of the most successful product series in the history of the company came to an end.

Revox A77

The Revox A77 is still one of the most widely used semi-professional analog tape machines. Worldwide, about 450000 devices were built in innumerable variations.
The device is considered particularly robust and service-friendly. The professional design, with three motors and three sound heads, was well received not only in home use, but was also used by many small recording studios and broadcasters.

Philips EL3536A

Tape recorder with audio amplification.

This Philips model EL3536A is complete with case lid, great condition.

Contact us to receive more information about it.

Hammond Solid State Preamp

It replaces pre-amps used in most standard Hammond tonewheel consoles. Building on the heritage of the original SSP-3, the new SSP-3A has been carefully designed to faithfully reproduce the response of the original tube pre-amp when it was new. 

Ferrograph 422U


This is a rare stereo channel Ferrograph and not to be confused with the mono versions.. Still a very early machine.. But designed as a stereo from the ground up.

Boss Super Chorus

Boss Super Chorus Pedal. Come and discover other Accessories and Instruments in our Show Room.

CD Four Funk

CD Four Funk. Product by Grace Orange and distribution of Halidon.

Musical genre: Funk-Blues

Keki Andrei: Hammond Organ, Wurlitzer piano and Keyboards

Carmine Bloisi: Drums

Daniele Nesi: Bass

Andrea “Ranfa” Ranfagni: Vocals

Special Guest: Andrea Braido: Guitars

Vittorio Alinari: Sax


Distortion Pedal with a Heavy Rock sound.

PROEL MS 16 Midi Sender

2 out sender Midi control Footswitch.

Perfect aesthetic and functional condition.

T REX Bloody Mary

Guitar distortion Pedal


Chromatic tuning Pedal.

New and with original packaging.


Tremolo Danelectro Tuna Melt, nice sound, noiseless with hard and soft settings.

New with original packaging.

TRACE ELLIOT Trace Acoustic Compressor TAC1 (2)

New and in the original packaging.

Made by Trace Elliot in UK, it can definitely take a punch thanks to its sturdy construction.

HUGHES & KETTNER Warp Factor NU-METAL Distortion

Small and aggressive, the Hughes & Kettner Warp Factor Nu-Metal Distortion Pedal injects your sound with pure, dark energy. Set the selector on Combo or Half-stack, insert the Warp factor between your guitar and the clean channel on your amplifier and you’ll be sure to get heavy performances in that amazing Drop-D tone. New and with original packaging.

SNARLING DOGS Charlie Stringer mod. #SDP-1

Black Dog distortion pedal from Snarling Dog in excellent conditions.

SNARLING DOGS Charlie Stringer mod. #SDP-2

This Black Dog distortion pedal from Snarling Dog offers nice bases, soft trebles, and warmth in the medium compartment, all paired with exceptionally high gain. New and with original packaging.

T REX Tremster

Still packaged TREMSTER vibrato/tremolo Pedal for guitar.

If you’re searching for a classic vibrato/tremolo pedal with an excellent sound and the ability to regulate speed and depth, you have to get yourself a TREMSTER.


Still packaged Electro-Harmonix Germanium OD completed with manual and CD. Classic overdrive from the ‘60s based on a hand-picked germanium transistor.

TRACE ELLIOT Trace Acoustic TAP1

The pedal is new in its original packaging.

It’s made by Trace Elliot in the UK

MXR Blue Box

This is the crazy effect of Jimmy Page’s solo in “Fool in the Rain”. The Blue Box Octave Fuzz takes the guitar signal and duplicates it two octaves down for a huge underground sound. The Blend knob lets you control the amount of fuzz sound that mixes with the two octave down sound. There’s really nothing like the Blue Box.

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