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On this page you can find Other Vintage Synthesizers of various models available in our Show Room.

We deliver your Vintage Synthesizer serviced in every part and guaranteed 12 months.

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Look other Synthesizers available in our show room and Hystoric Vintage Synthesizers: Vintage SynthesizersRack or similar Vintage Synthesizers – Hystoric Vintage Synthesizers


Roland PG200.

It will come includes revised and warranty.



It will come includes revised and warranty.


A lot of Rom Cartridges, Yamaha pedals and X-RAM 128.

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Oberheim DSX

Digital Polyphonic Sequencer Oberheim DSX model in very nice condition.

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sintetizzatore korg sq10

sintetizzatori vintage

Quasimidi Polymorph

Very interesting Rack Synthesizer used by J.M. Jarre, Prodigy and Orbital.

The Polymorph is basically four synths loaded with synth and drum sounds, geared towards electronica and other forms of synthesizer music. Individual ADSR’s and filters per oscillator make for a totally tweakable and flexible synthesizer.

Quasimidi Rave - o - lution 309

Very interesting groove box synth by Qausimidi. Available in our laboratory.

The Quasimidi Rave-O-Lution 309 is a stand-alone groovebox produced by Quasimidi in 1996.It features an onboard sequencer and has the ability to mute parts during playback making this unit ideal for live performances. The machine features two oscillators for sound generation, (pulse, pulse variable, saw down, saw up, square, and triangle.)

Doepfer Dark Energy

Monophonic, small and powerful with USB and Midi input.

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