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On this page you can find Hystoric Vintage Synthesizers of various models.


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OBERHEIM two voices TVS-1A entries in impeccable condition.

This is the original NOT the limited edition copy.

A rare and unique instrument in the world.

sintetizzatore ARP 2600

sintetizzatori vintage

ARP 2600


The ARP 2600 is a semi-modular analog subtractive audio synthesizer, designed by Dennis Colin for Alan R Pearlman, and manufactured by his company, ARP Instruments, Inc. as the follow-on version of the ARP 25

This is the first version with moog filter.
It will come include warranty and complete revisited.

Contact us to receive all informations about it.

sintetizzatore ARP 2600

sintetizzatori vintage

Prophet T8


Amazing condition.

It include an hard case, 12 months of warranty and revised.

Perfect working condition.

The Sequential Circuits Prophet T8 was released in 1983 when analog synthesizers were largely outnumbered by digital FM machines.

The T8 is a monstrous sounding 8 Voice polyphonic synth with analog circuity under digital control allowing the user patch storage and a 670 note on board sequencer.

sintetizzatore prophet t8

sintetizzatori vintage



 One of the best synthetizers in the word, Midi version, perfect working conditions.

The Synthex is a very lush sounding classic analog 8 voice synthesizer.

Later versions implemented basic MIDI functions. It has 30 knobs, 6 sliders, 80 switches and a joystick. Powerful sounds with 2 oscillators per note, separate envelope generators, chorus and even a sequencer!

The use of stable DCO’s (digitally controlled analog oscillators) and oscillator cross modulation of Pulse Width and a multimode filter made it unique in its time.

There is a cool joystick that replaces traditional pitch/mod wheels and allows for greater variable real-time control over the two LFOs, oscillator and filter modulation.

The 6 sliders beside the joystick assign what (LFO, osc and filter) goes to the joystick.

Voices can also be layered or split across the keyboard.

Other great features include the onboard digital Ring-Modulator, Chorus effect and Dual or Layer modes available.

And also a four-track sequencer rounds out this synths host of features.

Two of it’s tracks can output MIDI data.

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Perfect working conditions. Revised in our lab.

It includes:

  • new electrolytic and tantalum capacitors
  • Upgrade to 3.3 version
  • New keyboard’s grommets, calibrated.

Prophet-5 is an analog synthesizer manufactured by the American company Sequential.

It was designed by Dave Smith and John Bowen in 1977, who used microprocessors, then a new technology, to create the first polyphonic synthesizer with fully programmable memory.

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The Matrix 6 is also like the Xpander, but with only 6 voices of polyphony and slimmer programming.

Each of its 6 voices has a pair of DCOs, a low pass filter, 2 VCA’s, 3 envelope generators, 2 LFO’s, and 2 ramp gens for a variety of complex analog pads, basses and sounds.

Very nice condition and it works great.


Korg PS 3100


Very rare KORG PS 3100 synth with PS 3040 control pedal.

Amazing condition. It revised in our lab.

Perfect workinh condition.

Oberheim Xpander


Six polyphony voices, each with two independent oscillators, with level adjustments, hard sync, linear and exponential fm; filter with fifteen different selectable modes, double amplifier in serial connection (for articulation and dynamics management); five DADSR envelopes, five LFOs, one Lag Generator, four Ramp Generator, three Tracking Generator. Patch settings can be stored in 100 timbre locations and each of the six voices can refer to an independent patch, to manage 100 freely programmable Multipatch. And much more.

EMS Synthi A


Another legendary Synth at your disposal in our collection of vintage synthesizers for sale.

Alesis Andromeda A6


16-voice, 16-channel multi-tone analog synthesizer. Gorgeous. Come discover more Vintage Synthesizers in our Show Room.

EMS Synthi E


This very rare Synthi E is a model developed for educational purposes. A gem for true collectors.

Come and discover other Synthesizers Vintage in our Show Room.

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600


Prophet 600, introduced on the market by Sequential Circuits in 1983, in addition to being the direct successor of the most famous (and rated) Prophet 5, is also the first synth in history to have been mass-produced with the MIDI interface since the first version. Electronically speaking, compared with a Prophet 5 from revision 3 onwards the Prophet 600 has more similarities than differences with the latter. 

Moog Sonic Six


Very rare and in excellent aesthetic conditions. The Moog Sonic Six is a duophonic analog synthesizer that was produced by Moog Music from 1972 to 1979. Because of its portable design and built-in speaker, the Sonic Six has been widely used for conferences and educational purposes, often by Moog Bob himself.

Synthesizer.com Clone Moog Modular


This modular Synth is a clone of Moog modular’s Syntesizer. Complete with keyboard. Really nice to see and hear. Come discover more Synth Vintage in our Show Room.

PPG Wave 2.3


Unobtainable, in excellent condition. If you are looking at it you know what we are talking about. Come and see it in our laboratory.

EMS Synthi MK2 + EMS DK2 Keyboard


The legendary and highly sought after SYNTHI MK2 complete with original Ems DK2 keyboard. Spectacular

Moog Prodigy


Quickly disappeared from the market, to reappear in a period of vintage fury absolutely not suspicious, the little Moog Prodigy is now an interesting investment for those who, unable to afford the most famous models, still want to have a real analog monophonic under their fingers, with the knowledge of playing a real “piece of history”.

Korg Dual Foot controller PS 3040


Double pedal KORG PS 3040, really rare and in perfect condition.

Moog Multimoog


The Multimoog was a monophonic analog Moog synthesizer produced from 1978 to 1981. It was a device with two VCO oscillators and waveform control. Derived from the previous Micromoog, it took the main board to which was added a second board. The goal was to provide a less expensive alternative to the Minimoog. Despite the lower price the Multimoog had more advanced features in some aspects than the Minimoog. 

These included the “Aftertouch” function that allowed you to activate a particular effect, e.g. vibrato, by holding down the key and greatly improving the expression possibilities of the instrument. The keyboard was monophonic, equipped with 44 keys with “Aftertouch”.



Oxford Synthesiser Company OSCar. A really interesting object, in perfect condition. One of only 2000 pieces built. Beautiful and very sought after.

Roland SH5


One of the best compact monophonic built by Roland. It has everything you could want from an Analog Monophonic Synth.

Oberheim Matrix 1000


Matrix 1000 provides the beauty of a thousand presets – easily recalled through the numeric keypad implemented in the panel.

Korg MS 50


Korg MS-50: modular design and the height of the MS series synthesizers. This expander module without keyboard is highly versatile and, of course, compatible with other synthesizers such as MS-20. The MS-50 is still a great analog and monophonic single VCO monster but offers more versatility and power than any other MS synth. Other features include a ring modulator, voltmeter and sample & hold. It is also designed to integrate the SQ-10 sequencer. It has also been used by the Chemical Brothers.

Korg VC-10 Vocoder


In excellent aesthetic and functional condition.

Korg Sigma


Korg Sigma analog synthesizer from 1979 totally overhauled and guaranteed one year in superb aesthetic condition.

Doepfer System A100


Modular Doepfer System A100 to Rack. A Spectacular modular Doepfer 

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