Hammond Organ Accessories

Here are the Hammond Organ Accessories available in our Show Room.

If you do not find what you want, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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Send Return Kit

€  499,00

Very Special News.

Multifunctions Send Return Kit.

You can play your Hammond Organ with headphones, pedals effect, balance line out and it has the low pass frequency.

Please, see the pdf file about all details.

New sounds for your Hammond Organ.

Quartz Frequency Converter

€  249,00

Quartz frequency converter with sinusoidal curve. Click on “data sheet 2″ to see the specifications of the object. Come to our Show Room to discover the other Hammond Organ Accessories.

Transpose System

€  375,00

Transpose System for Hammond Console and Spinette Organs.

You can transpose +3 and -3 semitones your Hammond Organ


€  399,00

Hammond organ reverb. Very simple to assemble, excellent quality, does not burden the sound result of your Hammond, but embellishes it to need. Read the data sheet for all characteristics. 


From today the reverb can also be used on all M100 and M3 series.

We are the only company present on the market to sell a Reverb dedicated to the M series.

Padded case for Hammond Universal B3

€  399,00

Padded case with logo for Hammond Universal B3 portable by Organ Studio Italia.

Made to measure for transport, with padded protection on the keyboards, waterproof and lightweight.

Percussion Kit Trek II (1)

€  299,00

Percussion Kit Trek II per Hammond B2, C2, RT2 ecc..

Percussion Kit Trek II (2)

€  369,00

Percussion Kit Trek II

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Hammond Organ Accessories