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On this section you can find Accessories and Instruments related to the Vintage world and beyond.

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Hammond Electronic Drum Machine


Original Hammond Electronic Drum Machine. Come and discover other Accessories and Instruments in our Show Room.

Boss Digital Delay

Boss Digital Delay Pedal in mint condition. Available in our laboratory.

Boss Super Chorus

Boss Super Chorus Pedal. Come and discover other Accessories and Instruments in our Show Room.

CD Four Funk

CD Four Funk. Product by Grace Orange and distribution of Halidon.

Musical genre: Funk-Blues

Keki Andrei: Hammond Organ, Wurlitzer piano and Keyboards

Carmine Bloisi: Drums

Daniele Nesi: Bass

Andrea “Ranfa” Ranfagni: Vocals

Special Guest: Andrea Braido: Guitars

Vittorio Alinari: Sax

Eventide Pitch Factor Harmonizer

Harmonizer event effect, practically equal to the new one. Come and discover more accessories and instruments in our Show Room.

MXR 10 Band Graphic Eq BL M108

Whatever your instrument, regain control of your timbre with this incredible EQ. MXR’s 10-Band Graphic EQ gives musicians plenty of Tone-Shaping and level control in a bulletproof case. With ten carefully chosen frequencies and input and output level controls, the 10-Band Graphic EQ will allow you to adjust your bass or guitar equipment and adapt it to any situation in seconds, create shocking low-end, return level, energy and treble response to a “crowded” pedalboard; heat up an acoustic amplifier and much more.

MXR Bass Compressor

Bring your favorite studio compressor to the stage with the MXR M87 Bass Compressor. A full range of controls (Attack, Release, Ratio, Input, Output) makes it much easier to optimize your sound, from the thinnest peaks to the most disruptive compression effects. Its CHT (Costant Headroom Technology) will give you a much cleaner performance. This fully transparent compressor allows the dynamic range to shine through until the signal reaches the compression threshold, indicated by ten gain reduction status LEDs.

MXR Bass distortion

Designed with Ryan Ratajski founder of Fuzzrocious Pedals and indie builder of phenomenal pedals, this small and rough box provides a great stamp with all the low-end that your heart could desire. MXR has taken the sound of a notoriously bad distortion circuit and reworked it for the modern bassist. Dry & Wet level controls let you set the perfect mix for your sound needs, while the Tone control cuts the top-end of the distortion signal and the Distortion control adjusts its intensity.

MXR Bass distortion 3

Distortion III sets a new benchmark for timbre and distortion quality. Developed from scratch using carefully selected components, the D-III offers everything from sweet, sonic overdrive to massive crunch distortion! Its very natural and amp-like distortion is so versatile that it adapts to any style, and so transparent that it lets your guitar’s personality shine through.

MXR Blue Box

This is the crazy effect of Jimmy Page’s solo in “Fool in the Rain”. The Blue Box Octave Fuzz takes the guitar signal and duplicates it two octaves down for a huge underground sound. The Blend knob lets you control the amount of fuzz sound that mixes with the two octave down sound. There’s really nothing like the Blue Box.

MXR Phase 90 EVH

Limited edition of the 35th anniversary of this Phase 90. Only 1500 PIECES IN ALL THE WORLD.

Revox E-36

Fabulous 60’s tube coil recorder. Come and discover other accessories and instruments in our Show Room.

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